Traditional Services:

Retained Services

shutterstock_151603850This is the best method for full life cycle recruitment, it is my gold standard, you will get one on one attention daily and a commitment your position will be filled within one month. I also provide a one year guarantee on these. Fee is 20% of Candidates accepted one year total compensation.







Contract Services

shutterstock_148121969Contained Search is a hybrid model that captures the best of the retained and contingency models- a low up-front investment and dedicated, service from highly experienced search professionals. Our recruiters have an average of 15+ years of experience. Contained search is recommended for highly strategic or leadership roles.






Hourly Recruitment Services

shutterstock_143785585 Get a dedicated recruiter for short term projects or on-going recruitment needs. Recruiters work in partnership with both your internal recruiting organization and the hiring management team, usually on a virtual basis
















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